The reason For The Absence of Blogging and Most Things Fun.

My Co-workers will go back to school tomorrow and, sadly, I won’t be joining them.  Although I haven’t joined the ranks of the unemployed yet we, as a family,  are making a temporary move to the USA. We are between posts, you might say, and are taking time to figure out what is next.

This is the reason for the absence of blogging and most things fun these days. I finished work July 17th and besides the occasional visit with a friend or family this is what I have done…


All summer long! And I still doing it!  Trying to take 16 years of our lives and ship them home in 16 standard sized boxes is not easy.

If it’s sentimental, crucial, or irreplaceable it goes, otherwise it gets gone! Boot sale, Ebay, giveaway and throw away. Those are the options. It’s been quite an education too. The things we counted as valuable seem to be fodder to others and the things we wouldn’t wish on a friend get scooped up in a frenzy by 10p shoppers.

Well, it won’t make me rich but it might help pay for shipping and one can only hope the money will help replace a few things when we get there. Although, I find myself repeating the sentence, “I never want to live like this again”. It’s amazing how much useless stuff one can hold on to. Anyway, back at it.


Tammy said…
Can't imagine!! Hope things continue to go well.

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