Creatively Planning My Week

School is out and I was so ready for a holiday. However, I recognize how much I crave regimen and order. In fact I feel quite lost and depressed without it. I haven’t really taken a break since I stopped working due to our impending move to the USA in 8 WEEKS! (screaming for emphasis) but everything I need to accomplish seems to be swimming around in days that seem to have a fluid start and finish. This added to me paddling ferociously in a sea of things that need to get accomplished makes me crave solid land.

Well here it is. This is my attempt to bring some order to my days and weeks. God had order to his week when he created the world so this is my attempt at ordering mine. Sticky labels (so I don’t ruin the furniture) with the days Monday to Saturday. Saturday is in pink because I try to make this a fun day and Sunday is not there because it is a day for rest and worship. I also have another label higher up that says other for things that have to be done but can wait.

Now when things come to my mind I can write them on a post it and put it on a day that I am planning to do it. If not accomplished I can simply move the post it to a new day. If I keep this at my desk it is continually in my vision. This is my way of creatively planning my week.



Tammy said…
Very creative planning system!! Congrats on the upcoming move!!!

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