Having a Blast


Not much blogging lately. I went from dragging my heels after Christmas to warp speed after half-term break.

I always find the period after Christmas so depressing and the time drags on. The after celebration hump isn’t helped much by the lack of sunshine and freezing cold days. Lets just say I think of Florida daily.

The second half of the term is a different story, however, as lighter nights begin to emerge we all pop our heads out to see if the snow has melted; Spring is upon us. Daffodils are up and temperatures reach double digits in the day time, lovely! Now my evenings are filled with engagements and my weekends with preparations. I am preparing for Easter After-School Bible Club once again and having a blast.


Sandra said…
I'm glad to hear you're feeling more you these days. It's a gorgeous spring day here today, and you can't help but smile on days like this
Melissa said…
Oh, I always enjoy the prep for a new class, whether it's Bible study or Children's Church or whatever. Have fun with your Easter prep.

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