Mum Goals for 2012


I approached this one a little differently to preserve the privacy of DS. I have not recorded, for all eyes to see, what is/not working well even though I worked through it privately. Also I was careful to judge my performance, rather than his, because I can only change myself right! 

After I had listed my milestones I recognized, with the appropriate humility, these need to be phrased as questions.

How do I :

  • Understand My 13 year olds masculine needs?
  • Expose him to more interesting activities and expand his experiences?
  • Engage him in his homework?
  • Help him become more diligent and responsible?
  • Engage him in his spiritual life?
  • Help him build confidence?


  • Reading: I will have at least one teen parenting book on the go at any given time.
  • Research; I will research, blog or write about my findings weekly
  • Jump in: I will practice what I am learning
  • Keep up with my 49 things before I am fifty  (bucket list of activities to do with DS)
  • Develop a homework routine slowly but surely.
  • Be firm with routines.
  • Find ways to help him become more responsible for his own discipleship.
  • Encourage where necessary and comfort only when needed and know the difference! (Learned this from “Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys.” by Hal and Melanie Young. MOB Society current Book Club choice.


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